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Beta glucan is best for the immune system

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Beta-glucan belongs to a group of substances that are immunoregulators. The term immunoregulator gives the right answer to what beta-glucan is. It is not a stimulator of the immune system. Beta-glucan improves activity but never stimulates, and this represents the real safety of using this compound.
Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka said in a book about beta-glucan: “There are other preparations that stimulate the immune system. These preparations can stimulate the immune system too much. These preparations can cause multiple sclerosis, arthritis, allergies, while beta-glucan is completely safe. Glucans stimulate the immune system, but never beyond the point where it becomes too active. “
Beta-glucan is a safe fibrous molecule that many scientists worldwide are researching. Beta-glucan is the focus of all research regarding scientific work with immune regulators. Many medical professionals even recommend its use. There are many types of glucans and various sources from which they are obtained. The most popular are mushrooms, mushrooms, various grasses, and seeds. Due to the many different sources and types, one should be careful when choosing a preparation.
The immune system is a defensive wall against many diseases. With a strong immune system, the organism fights any disease easier and thus fights all foreign bodies in the organism easier.
Beta-glucan as an immunoregulator is excellent preparation for cancer treatment and supports the organism and immune system of cancer patients.
Beta-glucan protects the body from infections, reduces cholesterol levels, blood sugar, reduces stress, increases antibody production, heals wounds, helps with radiation burns, cleanses the body of mercury, helps people with diabetes.
Table of how much beta glucan is needed to regulate the immune system:
45kg = 1,000mg daily
57kg = 1,000mg – 1,500mg daily
68kg = 1,500mg daily
80kg. = 2,000mg daily
102kg And over = 2,500mg per day
Beta-glucans should be taken on an empty stomach with water 30 minutes before a meal to achieve greater efficiency. To achieve a therapeutic concentration, you should take the amounts listed in the table.



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