Autism – a tragedy of 21st century children

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Autism is a disease that develops in early childhood and is often seen in children as young as three years old. This disease affects sociability and communication, the behavior of a person suffering from autism.

Diagnosis, misunderstanding of the environment, few experts and specialized institutions, are just some of the problems of people with autism and their families. On the International Day of Persons with Autism, doctors warn that the disease is taking on epidemic proportions .

Due to the growing number of children with autism, this disease is called the tragedy of children 21. century.

World statistics say that in the world, people with autism make up one percent of the population. It is known that about five million of them live with that disease in Europe alone. There are no precise data in Serbia, but it is assumed that there are about three thousand of them.

Autism symptoms

Children who show symptoms characteristic of autism do not communicate and enjoy themselves in the same way as completely healthy children their age. Although the causes of autism are numerous and varied, you can establish with certainty that the universal type of occurrence in various cultural and social groups has been growing significantly in the last 30 years. The data show that boys are more susceptible to this disease than girls and that most cases are hereditary.

The symptoms of autism are due to the high concentration of microbes, but they are not so much pronounced due to their presence due to the release of a large number of micro toxins into the bloodstream. Micro toxins increase the organism’s acidity and are manifested by certain reactions in the brain.

One of the common causes of autism is parasites found in the colon and liver.

Autism is associated with the mother’s infections by rubella virus, cytomegalovirus, clostridium virus so that the embryo itself becomes infected with this disease. When a baby is born, there are errors in its development, and these viruses remain in the intestines of the newborn.

Causes of autism

It seems that no other cause of autism has been recognized in us or our environment. However, the following factors seem to play a significant role: GMO foods, microbes, vaccines – not as a result of immunization but due to mercury content, environmental toxins, aspartame, monosodium glutamate (if used by pregnant women), chemicals in cosmetics (when used by pregnant women) ), certain proteins that are present in cow’s milk from cereals that cows are fed, soy milk that very young children consume (because it causes an excess of minerals).

Sources classifying autism cases have confirmed that genetically modified food has been the cause of several cases. This food has caused changes in children’s bodies at the DNA level. The onset of autism from GMOs is defined as the intake of these foods in the form of nutrients needed by the body for the development and normal functioning genetically modified.

Microbes and autism

bacterial microorganisms

For unknown reasons, the following microbes can be found in the body of autistic children at very high levels:

The rubella virus (the development and division of this virus usually begin in the mouth and throat).

Cytomegalovirus is very often present in the body of people with autism.

Borrelia burgdorferi microbe (the cause of Lyme disease) can also be associated with autism, especially if the child’s mother is infected with the virus. These microbes are transmitted during pregnancy. Infections with this microbe can cause instability of the baby’s immune system during the embryo’s development in the mother’s womb.

You can find various types of Clostridium bacteria in the intestines.

Conventional medicine and autism

Those who have researched the sources of autism claim that vaccines are also one of the causes. MMR vaccines have not been used since the late 1990s and represent a debatable case. This is a composite vaccine that creates the organism’s immunity against smallpox, mumps, and rubella. This vaccine contains a weakened form of smallpox, mumps, and rubella and creates the body’s resistance to these diseases.

Conventional medicine has no prejudices and is subject to the theory of biology. Due to some compounds and organisms, there is a possibility of developing autism in young children, which is confirmed by conventional medicine as follows: viruses, yeast, fungi, mold, and bacteria.

In the viral structure, these organisms can very well and easily undergo selective secretion during the formation of vaccines that do not aim at harmful bacteria in the body.  In terms of the organism’s immunization, MMR vaccines keep a certain type of virus alive in an aluminum solution and live, creating a terrible effect on the organism with these metals. These viruses can also remain in a child’s intestines, leading to certain forms of autism and toxins.

Autism in Serbia

Vesna Trajković has been battling the illness of her son Uroš for 13 years.

“The first encounter with autism was when Uroš was born, and what is very important is that early diagnosis, work with the family. We, unfortunately, skipped that. We got the right diagnosis around the age of five, and around the second year, it was clear to us what it was about, “says Vesna.

Autism is one of the most serious neurodevelopmental disorders in children. It is incurable, and all symptoms appear by the third year of life.

Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Mila Selaković points out that early diagnosis and early intervention are of exceptional importance.

“The world’s situation now is such that autism is called the tragedy of children 21. century because it is simply the number of children, new children with autism go as if it were an epidemic “, says Dr. Selaković.

In most cases, parents have a hard time dealing with the disease’s problems! They are most worried about the future of children.

“Our biggest fears are what at the moment when we can no longer take care of our children, because what is happening now. What everyone is silent about is happening. That is reality. At the moment when something happens to the parent from the Center for Accommodation and Day Care of Children with Developmental Disabilities, they are forwarded to the Center for Social Work, and the children are placed in Kuline, Stamnice, Veternik “, notes Vesna Trajković.

That is why, they believe, the construction of the Autism Center in Denko’s Garden is important, which has been waiting for two years. It could house 30 to 40 people. An outpatient clinic is also planned, where parents would receive all the information.

Dr. Mila Selaković explains that it got stuck at the Ministry of Planning and Urbanism at the republic level.

“A general urban plan was awaited at that position. That was the real reason. We hope that there will be no obstacles in further actions “, says Dr. Sleaković.

Serbia currently has only one Autism Hospital in Belgrade, which accommodates 45 people under 26. The fact that more than 1,200 people with autism in the capital alone speaks for itself, and that number is constantly increasing.

Treatment of autism

One of the possible cures for autism and some other brain disorders, since many brain disorders have very similar sources, is long-term therapy for the disorder’s cause. You can achieve a lot with nutrition treatments such as reducing sugar intake and eliminating synthetic compounds in food. Mineral supplements can remove excess toxins from the large intestine caused by mercury and aluminum.

Accepted treatments in the treatment of autism are supported in the child’s development, various forms of therapy, and dietary treatments.



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