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Clove: cultivation, care and use

Do you want to grow cloves in the garden yourself? With us, you will find useful tips for using, planting and caring for an unusual clove tree. Everyone knows the taste of cloves for Christmas. But how can you cultivate carnation wood in the garden yourself? We present you this special plant and reveal the […]

Chaga fungus and its anticancer effect

In Russian folk medicine, the fungus Chaga is used to treat cancer, most of the stomach and lungs. However, it is considered to be really effective for treating other common diseases such as gastritis, ulcers, and colitis while relieving pain in the abdomen. Sold in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Japan to treat gastric and intestinal […]

Seaweed contains anti-cancer compounds

Several international studies have reported that some types of seaweed and their extracts have the ability to affect cancerous diseases. The most famous study from Brazil, the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte and its scientists, found polysaccharides from the seagrass Sargassum Vulgare that inhibited some of the tumors of angiogenesis, more precisely the […]

Salts for detoxification of the organism as a medicine

You should understand that malignant cells are formed in the human body every day. Still, you should emphasize that their number is greatly affected by the substances you take into your body. When you start the classic detoxification of your body and get rid of toxins you have taken in, drugs and other harmful substances […]

Ant plant cure for cancer successful examples

The diagnosis of Dr. Samuela did not give encouraging results for Mona Pengkei due to a tumor that arose due to lymph node abnormalities. The news was much more tragic, and it was the mother of one child.  On her doctor’s prescription, she immediately took the medicine she needed for healing in the pharmacy. Unfortunately, […]

Zinc – How it can improve your health

Zinc is an essential mineral whose deficiency can be seen in your diet and your body’s daily functions and behavior. This mineral is present as an ingredient of more than 200 enzymes in the human body. Cells need zinc for replication to regenerate the organism and for many other purposes related to microcellular processes and […]

Sweet wormwood – A wonderful plant that destroys parasites and cancer

The plant sweet wormwood or the scientific name Artemisia annua and its active ingredient artemisinin have shown astonishing results in the sense that scientific research has revealed anticancer effects in which this plant destroyed 28% of breast cancer cells in just 16 hours. By adding iron and increasing the concentration, artemisinin destroyed 98% of breast […]

Colloidal minerals

In our society, people are either overweight or malnourished. Why is that? A study of the western population reveals that people consume 8 times more fat in the body than they need. They make up 42% of the total calorie intake, twice as much protein as we need, and incredible amounts of simple sugars. The […]

Beta glucan is best for the immune system

Beta-glucan belongs to a group of substances that are immunoregulators. The term immunoregulator gives the right answer to what beta-glucan is. It is not a stimulator of the immune system. Beta-glucan improves activity but never stimulates, and this represents the real safety of using this compound. Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka said in a book about beta-glucan: “There […]