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How to prevent and treat osteoporosis with a healthy lifestyle

Osteoporosis (porous bones) has taken on gigantic proportions among the population of industrialized countries. As the mineral composition of our bones is approximately 90% calcium salt, it is a widely held idea today that calcium deficiency causes osteoporosis, along with estrogen deficiency. However, although both factors play an important role in this process, there are […]

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Blood cancer natural treatment – leukemia myeloma lymphoma

Blood cancer affects production and function blood cells . Blood is produced in the bone marrow, where most blood cancers originate. The three types of blood cells that mature and develop from bone marrow stem cells are red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Uncontrolled growth of an abnormal type of blood cell interrupts […]


How I beat HPV

Many women and people with different problems contact us, but we would like to share the diary of a girl who wanted to share her experience in the fight against the HPV virus. The article is just called how I beat HPV because this person successfully fought this virus in a completely natural way. The […]

How to fight chlamydia naturally?

The fight against chlamydia Chlamydia trachomatis may seem complicated, but it is achieved if we follow the advice of experts and follow the suggestions listed here. Chlamydia is a more common sexually transmitted disease than we can imagine today. This disease can not only affect women as many think, but also men. Women can get […]

Acne and its treatment – diet, herbs, homeopathy

The reasons that contribute to the development of acne can be hormonal imbalance , weakened immunity, stress, hyperkeratosis, various diseases of the digestive system, dysbacteriosis. The reason may be excessive work of human sebaceous glands, inflammatory processes, properties of the skin microflora. External factors can also cause acne, such as heat and humid climate, solar […]