Astragalus and chemotherapy

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Astragalus belongs to the group of very healthy grasses of the lower type of vegetation, which belongs to the bean family. It is a prevalent group of plants, and members of this group can develop a height of up to 3 meters. This plant is a traditional Chinese medicine “Huang ki,” which translated from Chinese means, yellow leader or yellow leader. It got its name since its yellow root has fundamental healing properties.


Fabaceae, Leguminosae, or Papilionaceae, respectively legumes or lepirnjače, commonly known as legumes, peas, or the pea family – is a large and economically important flowering family.

More about the plant Astragalus

you can find the plant in Mongolia, China, and Korea.
This fantastic plant has been used for several millennia in Chinese traditional medicine. Chinese reports and writings show that astragalus improves life quality in very severe diseases, especially in people suffering from malignancies who use chemotherapy.
Astragalus root motivates the production of interferon, a chemical that stimulates the immune system and is involved in defense of the human body. The same chemical is involved in the fight against cell metamorphosis and malignancy growth.
According to research conducted by scientists at the University of Texas, astragalus This plant has been found to help the immune system locate bacteria, malignant cells, and viruses. Besides, astragalus can initiate defensive tasks in almost 90% of people who have some form of malignancy.
This powerful modifier of the defense system controls the body’s resistance by collecting macrophages and their activities to find and attack foreign bodies.
In individuals who have been diagnosed with malignancy, the difficulties mainly arise from the condition of the organism. With these difficulties caused by the problems caused by cancer, traditional medicine comes to the fore.
Due to extensive research in the United States that focused on the impact of astragalus In patients with some malignancy, this plant’s effect during chemotherapy and its effect on the side effects of this method of cancer treatment was observed. Those who took astragalus noticed fewer side effects and faster recovery of the body than those who did not receive it. astragalus

Research with the astragalus plant

astragalus biljka
The study also included symptoms of fatigue in people who are cancer patients. The group that used astragalus felt greater strength than those who did not use this plant. Researchers have thus determined that it is perfect for helping people suffering from malignancies and that by consuming astragalus, patients increase their chance of survival.

Chemotherapy and astragalus

image chemotherapy
When people with cancer go through the chemotherapy treatment phase, the drugs they use usually reduce red and white blood cells’ concentration. This causes a terrible overall condition of the organism and can create a counter-effect and accelerate the disease’s development.
With astragalus, the number of white blood cells increases, creates a higher concentration of antibodies, strengthens the body’s defenses, and increases interferon production.
Researchers at the Institute in Houston have found that astragalus also increases T cells and NK cells’ ability to attack carcinogenic groups. Interleukin 2 kills malignant cells and reduces chemotherapy’s side effects with its increased presence.


The use of astragalus can vary from one to 30 grams during the day and can be consumed in the form of powder, capsules, tablets, alcoholic extract, or injection. Although astragalus is completely safe without side effects, it is recommended to consult a doctor or nutritionist at the beginning and during its use.



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