Artificial kidneys will replace dialysis in just two years

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Natural preparations cannot always be enough for some diseases and medical conditions, no matter how successful they are, only medicine and medical technology can help in such cases as in the case of kidney dialysis. Without dialysis, the patient would not survive and daily dialysis makes life unbearable until a kidney transplant. To date, there has been no other solution.

With the latest scientific invention, medical technology has been enriched for one new device, all thanks to the University of California at San Francisco and its scientists. The device is called a bionic kidney and it can replace damaged kidneys.

The first bionic kidneys can be inserted and attached to the body with a very simple operation. Current tests show that these kidneys are the perfect replacement for damaged kidneys. The bionic kidneys are connected to the heart via several microchips and purify toxins in the same way that normal kidneys do.

Team members Shuvo Roy and William H. Fisel said the invention gives hope to millions of those suffering from kidney disease and using dialysis.

The main technology of the bionic kidney is a microchrome made of silicone nanotechnology that functions similarly to microelectronics used in computers. Microchips are very affordable and excellent filters. Each unit will have about 15 microchips built in layers and they will act as a platform on which to live living kidney cells that will grow in the filter of each microchip. These cells will have the activity of a living kidney.

The main challenge was how to let the blood through the device so that it would not clot or damage the machines. Biomedical engineer Amanda Bucks managed to avoid damage to the artificial kidneys by using dynamic fluid.

This invention improves the research of the production of artificial organs, which will help millions of people to live better and for the problems of their organism to disappear forever.