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Anticancer protocol with vitamin C.

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The following text will focus on one potent anti-cancer protocol that literally everyone can afford.
Vitamin C deficiency is accompanied by fatigue and discomfort, slowness. After a long time that can last for several months, changes occur, such as shortness of breath and bone pain. In severe cases, skin diseases, tooth loss, and severe muscle pain occur.

Vitamin treatments

Nutritional treatments and therapies with natural medicines and preparations are still unrecognized by modern medicine. Medicine recognizes extremely extreme procedures that, in some cases, retaliate more than they help people suffering from serious diseases such as cancer. This very conservative approach of modern medicine to alternative treatment methods is closely related to medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. This is the link between the pharmaceutical industry and medicine, which should choose the best solutions for patients, which is intertwined with more material benefits and huge sums of money allocated for research of new pharmaceutical drugs, which do not approximate effectiveness to natural herbal preparations. And of animal origin.

Need for vitamin C.

Vitamin C is used in almost all bodily processes and is used by the immune system, cardiovascular system, digestive tract, and other systemic parts of the body.

The most important rule is: The sicker you are, the more toxins you have in your body and free radicals. In that case, your body will need more vitamin C to heal.

For healthy people, between 5 and 20 grams of vitamin C, a day is enough, but a person can also tolerate amounts of this vitamin 10 to 20 times higher.

Use of vitamin C

Vitamin pills or tablets that we use and buy in the pharmacy vary from 100 to 1000 mg of vitamin C. These are shallow doses compared to the body’s daily needs. They are also negligible doses compared to the needs of a sick person.
In cases of 4 degrees of carcinogenic disease, it is possible to make a big shift in the patient’s condition by taking high doses of vitamin C. In some cases, those doses can range from a few tens to a few hundred grams a day.
The best way to get results and the patient does not get diarrhea is to take 2 to 3 grams of sodium ascorbate vitamin C every two hours in 250 ml of water. Thus, the patient can achieve an intake of between 50 and 75 grams of vitamin C during the day without experiencing any digestive problems.

The time of using vitamin C in your body is about 30 minutes. This statement means that after about an hour from the moment of taking the vitamin, your body has used most of the ingested preparation. So dosing every two hours is ideal for the functioning of your body.

Vitamin C against cancer

After the first day, the stomach and digestive tract will acquire vitamin C resistance, and the patient will not have any digestive problems such as bloating, gas, or diarrhea. Initially, you should take about 25%, and every day you should increase the amount of vitamin C intake by 20% until finally the body completely gets used to the amount of a few tens of grams per day.

To explain to you how important vitamin C is, I will tell you that, for example, a person suffering from mononucleosis should take between 150 and 200 grams a day, and the dosage should be between 12 and 24 doses.

The recommended preparation for severe diseases is pure ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate with vitamin C. To prevent high intake of vitamin C in ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate, use liposomal vitamin C, which has 10 times higher utilization than the previous two and at the same time requires 10 times less intake of this preparation with far better results.



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