Alternative therapy for cancer represents several different units and approaches to treating patients. We must first explain how cancer occurs in general, the information given to us by medicine and the methods offered to us by classical medicine.

The impact of the environment and many changes in the midst of modernization and accelerated development of technologies and modifications of nature including the increasing increase in pollution due to high emissions and economic development, is slowly but surely leading to the limits of endurance of the human body.

All these factors have a very unfavorable effect on human health. They are sudden and do not allow our body to adapt. Although the scientific branch of genetic engineering has brought many benefits in order to adapt species and accelerate the process of evolution, it has not adapted its modifications due to fear and also due to prohibitions to the human genetic structure.

These changes, which have been performed on many animal and plant species in order to increase productivity and emphasize certain genetic traits due to increased yields or enhanced protective mechanisms of certain species or accelerated development, have in some cases had a very negative impact on the entire ecosystem. By pollution, influencing the course of evolution and many other factors, we have triggered inevitable reactions in the first place of the human organism, which are manifested through some chronic diseases.

These switches have triggered a major epidemic of changes in the human body, cell mutations and changes in genes and thus hormonal, protein and enzymatic disorders in the body that have caused cancerous diseases. In the following, I will focus on explaining an alternative approach to the treatment of some cancerous diseases and the influence of certain compounds on the mechanisms that are closely related to the development and occurrence of cancer, as well as its development in the body.

Cause of cancer

cancer image formation

The cause of cancer is very important, that is, the basis for the treatment of this disease should be the diagnosis of cancer. It is very difficult to diagnose the cause of cancer, and in some cases, modern medicine has a completely wrong approach to treating this disease.

In the misunderstanding of the disease itself, many myths have been raised through alternative treatments about drugs that cure this serious disease in a short time. To clarify, cancer is caused by long-term exposure of tissues and cells to some chemical or organic influence or some other factor that forced the organism to change its state from normal to mutated and put the entire system in a state that it cannot fight this disease.

Cancer treatment has become an impossible mission. As the organism has been exposed to various negative influences for many years, long-term action is needed on certain processes in the system in order to restore some mechanisms that affect the further development and spread of cancer to normal flows. Easiest to say, we have a cure that solves all problems. How can we know what the cure is if we do not know the source of the disease?

Answer doctor on origin cancer

In many cases, due to the lack of answers to the questions about the development of cancer, doctors claim that it was caused by stress. Of course, if this is completely the case, if some other factors did not affect the patient, such as asbestos in old building structures, genetically modified food or bad air, then we should exclude the factor of carcinogenic disease in a sick person and thus influence the further development of the disease.

To determine the real factor in the occurrence and development of cancer, if it is the only one at all, it is necessary to perform many tests for which, due to the great epidemic of this disease, medical institutions do not have the capacity, in some cases even knowledge.

Classical methods of cancer treatment

image chemotherapy

By destroying cancer cells with radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, it also starts from the middle of the problem, although the real source of cancer has not been isolated, which can greatly influence its recurrence and further development of the disease.

Modern medicine has some methods that are successful in some cases but it is its way  cancer treatment is incomplete and you will see why.

Diagnosing cancer

Diagnosing the disease due to the need for a lot of information and tests can be facilitated by storing a large amount of data and tests, data processing, analyzing long-collected data and this type of analysis can be performed with the SAP software system.

SAP automatically processes information and, based on previous cases, provides a detailed diagnosis with certain combinations of drugs that vary from the structure of the organism and the metabolism of certain processes. This system is evolving as its database grows. SAP is software that already exists but requires the high expertise and responsibility of those who enter data for analysis.

Combined approach alternative therapy for cancer

alternative cancer therapy

You notice from the above text how many scientific branches and methods are needed to find a solution to a very complex problem such as cancer, which arose due to the negligence and irresponsibility of man towards nature and unconsciously towards himself.

Alternative therapy for cancer it cannot be typical but must be individual.

One of the remedies can be to raise awareness to a higher level in order to reduce the harmful factors that affect cancer, and this action must be represented at the level of the whole society. This is a topic we will leave for another presentation related to the social and psychological approach to the problem.

In the following text, I will focus on some accompanying phenomena and processes in people with cancer and certain preparations in order to combat these factors and a better quality of life for people with cancer.

A sure result and only one cure

The scheme for a safe result does not currently exist, and although it does exist, it has not been publicly announced, so that the expert teams remain responsible in order to find a solution and cure for a cancerous disease.

In the last 100 years, many studies have been started with various pharmaceutical cocktails or individual substances, which in some cases gave results, but due to the wide range of cancer cell lines, they did not prove to be effective somewhere.

Precisely because of the adaptability of this disease and its resistance, accelerated evolution, we have the problem of determining the right therapy. Its modifications in the structure  can not send the development of drugs and methods of treatment. That is why I turned to our body and stimulators of certain processes in order to heal itself.

The human body in the fight against cancer

the human body in the fight against cancer

The human body is a very powerful mechanism  which, by timely timing and stimulation of certain mechanisms, has all the necessary trump cards for the fight against cancer. There are a lot of these activators and it is impossible to modulate them all, but the main ones that are the drivers of all important changes in the body can be adjusted while the body does the rest of the work.

I would like to mention that the phases of natural healing that I list below are not arranged in order, because due to the specifics of certain diseases and the patient’s condition, we have to skip some phases due to the urgency of the patient’s condition.

It is also necessary to start some preparations before the therapy itself in order for the organism to adapt to an alternative method of treatment and some compounds with a very high  concentration.

Cleansing the body, detoxification

Cleansing the body is one of the phases of alternative therapy for cancer in terms of cleansing the organs.

Cleansing begins with colon cleansing, which can be mechanical or chemical. The colon can be chemically cleansed with some natural compounds such as castor oil. After that, the liver is cleaned, the filter of the entire organism, and it can be successfully applied with juices that can be made at home, and you can find them in the text. Recipes for juices that cleanse the liver .

It is also recommended to completely detoxify and cleanse the body as the last phase, and it can be applied in the initial stages of the disease due to the sufficient amount of energy and stronger physiognomy of patients in whom the disease has just appeared. You can find the complete cleaning in the text Cleansing the body in 10 days

Cleansing the blood and blood vessels is very important in people who, for example, have hypertension or have received chemotherapy. In some cases, chemotherapy increases the density of the blood and creates blood clots, plaques that can often be fatal for a person who starts any therapy and at the same time changes the complete structure of the atmosphere in the body.

In that case, anticoagulants such as bromelain or preparations for cleansing the blood from high cholesterol, triglycerides and thrombi are used.  In the elderly who have some of these diseases and at the same time due to age the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels is greatly reduced so that it can be affected with some preparations such as routine .

Increasing patient energy

human body energy

Increasing energy in the body is a very important factor, especially in people who are in advanced stages of carcinogenic disease. In these cases, the increase in energy of healthy cells is primary and can be achieved with several natural preparations in which it is included. D-ribose ,, B 50 vitamin complex, oxygen in drops  and alpha lipoic acid  which the cells use during the combustion process.

By increasing energy, life expectancy is extended, and thus time is gained for further fight against cancer.

Increasing the basicity of the organism

By increasing the basicity of the organism and automatically reducing the concentration lactic acid released by cancerous cells, several very important successes have been achieved in the treatment of cancerous diseases. The most important of all is the increase in the quality of life of people suffering from cancer through the increased concentration of oxygen in the body.

An acidic body has a lower concentration of oxygen while the basic organism has a higher one. This results in greater cell oxidation and less chance of cancer spreading. Also, the base environment does not correspond to cancerous cells that cannot survive in it, and it is also not suitable for the formation of metastases.

Increasing alkalinity increases a person’s energy, while decreasing the concentration of lactic acid also reduces the production of glucose, which occurs due to the process of regulating the acidity of the organism by acidosis through the natural mechanism of homeostasis.

The optimal Ph range it maintains is between 7.35 and 7.45. One of its mechanisms of action is the processing of lactic acid in the liver, from which we obtain glucose as a product. This is a very ungrateful process due to the fact that glucose is used again for cancer cells, and their need for glucose is 15 times higher than normal cells.

The protocol for increasing the pH value should be started at the same time as the protocol with increasing energy in people who are in very critical conditions, and should be continued until the moment of improving the pH value of the organism, which is monitored continuously during global treatment. .Preparations that can be used are various alkaline microelements and some compounds like cesium chloride .

Anti cancer preparations

With anticancer preparations such as artemisinin, we destroy cancer cells in which a reversible process is not possible, that is, a return to a natural healthy state, which is achieved by DMSO and MSM. These two preparations are especially interesting because of several properties for the treatment of cancer, and one of them is the increase in the permeability of the cell membrane of cancerous cells. This property increases the possibility of intake of nutrients and healthy cells such as oxygen, which can affect the return of a cancerous cell to a healthy one.

At the same time, the intake of MSM powder increases the intake of Artemisin as an anticancer agent in cancer cells. MSM powder increases the concentration of hemoglobin and thus the amount of oxygen in the body, so its use with alkaline microelements and pH regulators is recommended.

DMSO it can be used as an injectable because it injects a substance that mixes with it directly into the bloodstream, as well as cancers that are closer to the application site.

This property not only increases the permeability of the cell membrane of cancer cells but also increases the intake of some anticancer compounds in our case artemisinin.

Artemisinin is generally known because I have given a lot of information about its mechanisms of action on cancer that are direct and indirect. This preparation, as an extremely good anticancer agent, has successfully reduced the volume of cancer in some cases by 70%, while in some cases it has transformed the disease from malignant to benign.

Other preparations that are recommended are vitamin b17 , cannabis resin and others. At the same time, we can include in this phase the process of oxidation of the organism, which is directly related to the process of increasing the pH value of the organism.

Hormones and cancer

Hormonal imbalance and increased estrogen concentration leads to metabolic changes in cells and at the same time to the appearance of malignancy. Hormonal regulators of natural origin are much better than artificial regulators, which have a large number of side effects that accompany their use.

Indole 3 Carbinol , DIM, Maca, Root Ginseng are some of the very good hormone regulators, which influence them to go from their aggressive state to tolerable and to automatically prevent the stimulus for further development and progression of cancer. The onset and hormonal source of malignancy in a large number of cases can be observed in uterine cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.

Immune system and immune modulators

immune system human body

Regulating the immune system is one of the very important items of self-healing. The market is full of various stories about very effective preparations. For preparations that are based on the regulation of the immune system, as well as for others that I mentioned in the previous text, quality is very important.

The price and quality of the product, the brand and the company that produces it are very important. In our market, there is a very widespread network of low-quality products that are lower in price than the price of the raw material used in them. The question is what exactly is in these preparations? Branded companies in the nutrition world take into account the control of products and also the quality of their composition, suppliers and the veracity of the declarations that stand on the products.

Many immunoregulators like cordyceps , AHCC, gravioles are of very low quality but when you find the right one you know it is felt in the body for a very short time. In the case of sick people, the specification, the inscription, is not important. The most important are the results that the preparation gives. The immune system is extremely complex and there are various factors that affect it.

Immune system boosters can be various mineral and vitamin complexes, preparations based on medicinal mushrooms and some other formulas for boosting the immune system.

Diet and lifestyle habits

Diet and lifestyle change is 50% as important as all the above items combined. People with cancer must adhere to a special diet. As with the changes in the way of taking the preparations and their timing in relation to the metabolism and the type of disease, the same is the case with the diet.

Depending on the individual characteristics of the organism, the degree of the disease will be timed and the protocol for the diet of a cancer patient. You can find the complete comprehensive diet plan in the text Diet for cancer treatment , while for individual plans timed for specific types of diseases you need to consult a nutritionist.


Although in some situations cancer seems to have no cure, as it seemed for other until recently deadly diseases, it is a very complex disorder of complete  organism that is caused by one or more factors.

New encouraging information is appearing every day to help people with cancer, and medical studies by many scientific teams have been focused for many years on researching the body’s ability to heal and heal itself due to the motivation of certain mechanisms, systems and organs.