alternative and complementary therapies for cancer

Alternative and complementary therapies for cancer

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Cancer is a term that reflects the abnormal growth and uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the body. Cancer cells can be localized in different tissues and organs, and can spread to other parts of the body via blood and lymph (metastatic cancer). Despite the increasing frequency, screening, detection and treatment of various malignant diseases, they have significantly increased their presence in the population in recent years.

People with cancer want to do everything they can to cope with the insidious disease, manage symptoms and reduce the need for conventional treatment, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It is known to be a very large number of alternative and complementary therapies for cancer is useful. They can be natural products (creatures and supplements), specific therapy, mind and body practices such as acupuncture, massage, yoga and others.

Useful supplements for cancer


A simple but extremely powerful natural cure for cancer is dietary calcium supplementation. There is evidence that cancer develops and survives only in an acidic environment, so it is necessary to increase the pH level to the maximum in order to support the therapy. In an alkaline (mainly) environment, the cancer cell dies very quickly. One of the best ways to increase the body’s pH is with calcium. To get the right amount of calcium, vitamin D and magnesium (necessary for calcium absorption), you need to take a calcium supplement, preferably coral calcium .

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also among the first on the list of natural anti-cancer remedies. New scientific findings indicate that vitamin D and calcium supplements can reduce cancer rates by up to 77%. This includes breast cancer , colon cancer , skin cancer, prostate cancer and other types of cancer. To get vitamin D in its most natural form, it is enough not to stay in the sun for more than 30-40 minutes (without using sunscreen). Vitamin D can be additionally taken as a dietary supplement.

Adding higher doses of vitamin D and calcium, along with apple cider vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, and maple syrup (three other powerful anti-cancer agents) can help speed up the effects of anti-cancer preparations.

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), apple cider vinegar and maple syrup

You already know that one of the most important things in cancer therapy is creating an alkaline environment. The combination of apple cider vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, and maple syrup accomplishes just that.

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most powerful natural remedies. It has been used and valued for over a thousand years. Most cancer patients have an accumulation of toxic microorganisms in the body. Apple cider vinegar will help kill these pathogens.

Baking soda . It alkalizes the body very quickly and causes cancer. The best thing about baking soda is that it has many health benefits without the harmful effects, and it’s also easy to get.

Maple syrup . Because a cancer cell consumes 15 times more glucose than normal cells (maple syrup is rich in glucose), it serves as a “courier” of soda to the cancer cells.

And don’t forget! Limit your intake of sugar, white flour and any refined and processed foods. They greatly reduce the effect of a natural anti-cancer drug (cancer cells are treated with sugar instead of maple syrup).

The use of:

Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 to 2 tablespoons of maple syrup. Take 20 minutes before meals, without liquid. Use it twice a day for the first week, then increase it to three times a day.

Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it twice a day, 30-40 minutes after taking soda and maple syrup. You can also add some lemon juice for a positive better effect.

Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 is a very powerful natural cure for cancer. Its action aims to influence the immune system so that it will specifically target the location of cancer cells. Cancer cells are known to love sugar and thrive in a sugar-rich environment. Vitamin B17 contains a substance called amygdalin, which is rich in glucose (sugar), so it naturally attracts cancer cells. After cancer cells take in amygdalin, two more substances are released from it – benzaldehyde and cyanide, which in combination kill cancer cells. Apricot kernels are a good source of vitamin B17. You can get them from the market or simply by cracking the pits contained in the apricots and eating the pit. About 25-40 bones per day are recommended. Other sources of vitamin B 17 are blueberries, blackberries, grape seeds, grape seeds.

Cesium chloride

Cesium chloride is naturally alkaline.

Inhibition of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) in the tumor area increases the effectiveness of cesium chloride. This will help relieve the terrible pain associated with cancer. Cesium chloride and dimethyl sulfoxide should not be taken orally. It is applied to the skin, then absorbed and enters the bloodstream.

There is evidence that dimethyl sulfoxide is effective in brain cancer patients because of its rapid passage through the blood-brain barrier. After applying DMSO to the skin, a rash may occur. The rash is a consequence of local dehydration of the skin.


Selenium is recognized as a cancer-fighting nutrient by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Selenium is closely related to vitamin E and beta-carotene in blocking chemical reactions in the body that produce free radicals. Free radicals damage cellular DNA and cause numerous degenerative diseases, including cancer. In addition, selenium prevents the reproduction of already damaged DNA molecules.


Bromelain is a natural enzyme found in fruits and pineapples . Bromelain is thought to strengthen the immune system and help control infection. Recent research has shown that it could help in suppressing the growth of cancer cells. In small amounts, bromelain can be obtained by consuming fresh pineapple. It is also available as a supplement in capsule, tablet and powder form.

Natural substances and herbs that affect cancer

Green tea

Green tea is considered a miracle of nature. Its healing properties are being researched more and more, and the results are all good so far. There is a lot of evidence and evidence about the healing properties of green tea, and recent studies have shown it to be a powerful natural cancer cure. It was noted that drinking the least 5 teaspoons of green tea a day reduces blood cancer in the eye by 42%, as well as lymph node cancer by 48%, without affecting gender or body weight. Another study found that the antioxidants in green tea slowed growth tumor by binding to a specific protein in the tumor cell. This effect is mainly found in breast and prostate cancer. The powerful antioxidants contained in green tea are substances known as polyphenols and catechins. This substance is 100 times stronger than the antioxidant properties of vitamin C and vitamin E.

Wheat grass

Wheat grass (wheat or barley grass) has been used as a powerful medicine for years. Wheatgrass contains strong anti-cancer substances such as abscisic acid and vitamin B17. Two other proteins contained in the cereal grass (P4-D1 and D1-G1) protect cells from radiation and cancerous damage. They are also abundant in rye grass. Last but not least, wheatgrass enzyme is believed to be a powerful detoxifier and antioxidant. This is a super-dismutase enzyme. It has the ability to protect against degenerative diseases caused by free radicals and toxic heavy metals, including cancer.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has been successfully used as a natural anti-cancer agent. It contains a substance (polysaccharide) that stimulates the immune system and kills tumor cells. Aloe vera is so good when rubbed into the skin as an ointment, especially for skin cancer.


Rosemary contains two chemicals known as carnosic acid and carnosol, which are not only active natural anticancer agents, but also reduce the harmful effects of radiation exposure. An additional benefit of rosemary is that it is good for brain health. You can add it to various jellies or take it daily in the form of a delicious lemon tea.


Garlic is a powerful natural medicine, recommended for a large number of diseases and disorders. A little sulfur in garlic will help neutralize the carcinogen and shrink the tumor.


Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin, which has a devastating effect on tumors. In addition, curcumin significantly stimulates the nervous system, which helps fight cancer. You can take 2 to 4 teaspoons a day.


Ginger works in two ways against cancer – it kills cancer cells without affecting human health by apoptosis and “cooks” cancer cells in “self-eating” (autophagy).

Red clover

Flowering red clover contains four antitumor units. Antioxidant in red clover – tocopherol is one of the most powerful antioxidants.


Astragalus is a traditional Chinese medicine derived from a plant known as Astragalus membranaceus , which one belongs to the legume family. The root is used in medicinal herbs. More and more scientific research proves that astragalus can improve the function of the immune system and enhance the effect of conventional immunotherapy for some types of cancer. Dried astragalus root can be found in sachets, tinctures and capsules. The dried root is also available in powder form.

Machia Claw

Machias claw is a vine from the region of South America (Amazon jungle) and has been used for thousands of years to fight cancer. It contains a substance called pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids, which has been shown to stimulate the immune system and is used in the prevention and treatment of cancer. The action of the cat cell is based on the stimulation of the formation of T-cells (immune cells that attack and kill cancer cells). The root has the strongest effect.


Oleander is very useful in the treatment of cancer, but it should be used with caution because in high doses it can be toxic . It is safest to use it in the form of a food supplement.

Cannabis oil

You may not have heard But cannabis is also used to treat cancer. This is a very current and controversial topic, because cannabis is still illegal in many countries. However, the therapeutic properties of hemp are well known.

Especially cancer nutrition

There are different types of diets that are claimed to cure cancer. Most diets are based on the claim that more than half of cancers are linked to poor diet. Among the most common are the Gerson therapy and the microbiotic diet.

Gerson therapy for cancer

Gerson’s therapy includes the use of large amounts of raw fruits and vegetables , juices and enemas with coffee and nutritional supplements. It activates the body’s ability to heal and strengthens the body’s defenses. In addition to cancer, the therapy is used for arthritis, heart disease, degenerative diseases, allergies and more. The abundance of enzymes, minerals and nutrients delivered through copious amounts of freshly squeezed juices, fresh fruits and vegetables circulate through damaged tissues and organs, while coffee enemas help to release toxins.

Freshly squeezed raw fruit juice and vegetables are the easiest and most effective way to ensure high quality nutrition. By juicing, patients can ingest nutrients and enzymes.

Gerson’s diet is pure and completely natural. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, trace elements and is also low in fat, sodium and protein. Daily menus for therapy include:

  • 13 glasses of fresh carrot and apple juices, as well as vegetable juices prepared every hour.
  • The three main dishes are completely prepared from naturally grown fruits, vegetables and whole grains. May include salad, cooked vegetables, baked potatoes, soup and juice.
  • You can have fresh fruits and vegetables at any time for dinner.
  • Potassium, vitamin B12, thyroid hormones, pancreatic enzymes and Lugol’s solution are used as supplements.

Tissue and blood detoxification it is done with the help of a coffee enema. Up to 5 enemas per day can be applied. The need for enemas is explained by the fact that nutrition stimulates the immune system to attack and kill tumor cells, which produce toxins in the body that burden liver activity. A coffee enema helps the liver to remove all toxic waste. Gerson’s therapy also uses castor oil, which stimulates bile flow and improves the liver’s ability to filter blood.

IMPORTANT! Do not take Gerson therapy without consulting a doctor if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Brain metastases
  • Diabetes
  • Severe kidney damage
  • Hemodialysis
  • Pacemakers, breast implants, metal plate and screws

In order for the therapy to be applied, the patient must be able to eat, drink and normally satisfy his physiological needs. Gerson therapy is not used after organ transplantation.

Macrobiotic diet in cancer

The macrobiotic diet is a diet developed by a Japanese philosopher in the 1920s. It is based on the idea that eating simple, healthy food can lead to healing from some serious diseases, including cancer. The purpose of the macrobiotic diet is to avoid foods that contain toxins. It includes vegetarian food, cereals, cooked vegetables and whole grains, without dairy and meat products. Some people eat small amounts of organic meat or fish.

In order to adhere to a macrobiotic diet, it is necessary to strictly monitor what food is eaten and how it is prepared. A diet usually consists of:

  • Organic whole grains, such as brown rice, barley, oats and buckwheat – make up 1/2 of the food intake.
  • Domestic fruits and vegetables – .
  • Soups from beans, chickpeas, lentils, seaweed and fermented soybeans .
  • Sometimes a small portion of nuts, seeds and pickles can be added. You should eat only when you are hungry and chew the food for a long time until it becomes liquid in the mouth.

The macrobiotic diet rejects the intake of vitamins or minerals as supplements , as well as the consumption of processed food, food with artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Fluids should only be taken when you are thirsty and should consist of water or unflavored, caffeine-free tea.

Food storage and preparation requirements include:

  • Food should be cooked and stored in glass, wooden, ceramic or stainless steel containers.
  • Avoid using a microwave oven.
  • Food should be prepared in a relaxed atmosphere, without stressful events and activities.

Photodynamic therapy for cancer

Photodynamic therapy uses forms of energy such as light, lasers, and ultrasound to activate “agents” (various chemicals or algae) to produce oxygen that kills cancer cells.

Metabolic therapy in cancer

Developed by Dr. Contreras at a hospital in Mexico, it involves ozone therapy (which again kills cancer cells with oxygen) combined with pancreatic enzymes, vitamin B17, and vitamin C.

Hyperthermia in cancer

This therapy is based on the idea that heat can kill cancer cells. Heat can come from electrodes or high-intensity ultrasound.

Complementary therapies for cancer

Complementary therapies are applied together with conventional medical treatment to support and improve quality of life. Their intention is not to cure cancer, but to help relieve pain and fatigue. Complementary therapies include relaxation, meditation, talk therapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, music therapy, massage, art therapy, reflexology, and more.

This article does not replace consultation with a doctor. If you decide on any type of alternative or complementary therapy, first discuss it with your doctor, who monitors your disease and is aware of your objective condition.



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