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Alcoholism and addiction – treatment, diet, herbs, Chinese medicine

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Alcohol becomes a part of our lives so often that we don’t realize when we became addicted to it. Anyone who overdoses on alcohol faces physical and mental health problems. This can affect personal relationships, work and finances.

The following signs indicate whether you need help to stop alcohol abuse:

You turn to the glass when you are sad or have problems.

Sometimes you do not fulfill your obligations due to heavy drinking.

Your drink bothers someone close to you.

They suffer from serious side effects after you stop drinking.

Drink secretly.

Treatment of alcoholism

It is difficult to naturally treat alcohol abuse. Self-help groups offer treatment to people suffering from this disease and help the families of alcoholics. You can also seek help from a doctor or psychotherapist who specializes in alcohol abuse, a homeopath or a hypnotherapist. The goal of treatment is not only to help you stop drinking, but also to clarify why you drink and to help you create a new way of life in which you will not need alcohol. The following treatments complement occupational therapy:

Herbs for alcoholism

Alcoholics usually suffer from a deficiency of GLK (gamma-linolenic acid). It contains yellow primrose oil, which is believed to prevent frequent mood swings and liver damage. Take 4 capsules daily.

To overcome loneliness, make a tincture of lemon or lavender: 2 teaspoons of the plant is poured over hot water, boiled for 15 minutes and drunk 3 times a day.

Nutrition in alcoholism

Alcohol malnutrition affects other complications caused by alcohol abuse. Studies show that the intake of the following nutrients helps to accelerate the detoxification of alcohol and protects the liver from damage:

Zinc – found in lean meat, poultry, fish, cereals. 15 mg is recommended. daily.

Increase your intake of vitamin C, which is found in fresh fruits and vegetables, and vitamin E, which is found in sprouted wheat, seed oils and nuts.

The amino acid glutamine helps reduce the urge to drink alcohol. Take 2-4 years a day out of meals.

Preparations you can order that help with alcoholism

Homeopathy for alcoholism

Black oak tincture: dissolve 3 drops in a little water and drink 2 times a day to satisfy the desire for alcohol.

Chinese medicine

Herbs that are recommended for cleansing the body of alcohol and heat. Strong green tea “cools” the liver and stomach. The detoxification program can be reported to counseling and support groups. Kuju root helps in the fight against alcohol addiction or smoking.

Bach color therapy for alcoholism

Those who turn to alcohol to overcome difficulties, chotika (whip) and aspen are recommended for those who suffer from compulsive thoughts. Olive for healers.

Drug addiction – what is it?

Drug addiction is a painful addiction or dependence on opiates that are used in various ways (swallowing, inhalation, intravenous injection) to achieve dizziness or to relieve pain.

Drug addiction (from the Greek. Drugs – tingling and mania – madness, enthusiasm) – in medicine, a disease characterized by a pathological desire for drugs, which leads to severe dysfunction of the body; in psychology – the need to use any drugs or chemicals to avoid discomfort resulting from discontinuation, ie. chemical dependence; in sociology – a type of deviant behavior.

Addiction includes two forms of addiction:

Mental dependence is a condition of the body characterized by a pathological need to use any drug or narcotic drug to avoid mental disorders or discomfort that occur when the addictive substance is stopped, but without somatic symptoms (Erickson et al. 1990). )

Physical dependence is a condition that characterizes the development of abstinence after cessation of the use of an addictive substance or after the introduction of its antagonists (Erickson et al. 1990).

Treatment of drug addiction with natural remedies

Traditional methods of drug treatment do not eliminate the help provided by narcologists. No infusion or decoction of herbs is able to provide the level of pain relief that opium addicts need during abstinence. However, there are recipes with folk remedies to calm the nervous system.

Recipes for the treatment of addiction to folk remedies (herbs)

If we talk about herbal treatment, then plants that have a positive effect and are relatively safe for addicts can be:

Valerian , which contributes to the normalization of sleep, fights increased excitability and anxiety.

Blueberry fruits , as well as the leaves have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, as well as diuretic properties, which can be used for detoxification to accelerate the elimination of drugs through urine.

Herbs that have an antitoxic effect are used to treat addiction: balm, nettle, horsetail, flaxseed.

In some cases, plants that cause nausea, such as plantain or ungulates, can be used to create aversion to drugs. Kudzu, which is known to fight intoxication, is often used in alcoholism and smoking.

If you want professional help in getting rid of addiction, contact us. Our team of phytotherapists and nutritionists will help you with that.



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