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A natural oil cleansing method for perfect skin

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I have published many natural beauty methods before, and this is one of the simplest and most effective tips on natural beauty that I have found.
I was very suspicious when I first tried to clean my skin with oil because my skin is quite oily, and I didn’t know how it would react. When I was younger, my skin was prone to acne, and because of that, I was also worried about this cleansing method. I was wrong!

What is oil cleaning?

The idea of cleansing the skin with natural oils is very effective. Natural oils are used in a specific combination to cleanse the skin and balance natural skin oils. Unlike traditional soap and detergent-based products, this method nourishes and hydrates the skin more without negative side effects.
The basic concept of this method and skin cleansing is that the oil used to massage your skin will dissolve the oil that has hardened with impurities and is found in your pores. The steam will open your pores and easily remove the oil. And a small drop of the same oil composition applied to damp skin perfectly hydrates,

Does the oil cleaning method work?

This is the part I like to share the most, even in the third trimester of pregnancy, when my skin becomes especially sensitive when I have red spots and rashes. For the last two months of my pregnancy, I only use cleansing oil. Occasionally, I use a plain antibacterial cloth from microfiber to remove makeup if I don’t have to clean my skin again.
When I first started using cleansing oil, I had an adjustment period in which my condition worsened for the first week. That was its detox reaction because the impurities are definitely withdrawn from the skin.
After that, my skin gradually improved over three to four weeks using an only cleansing oil. I no longer had dry skin, but even oily acne and blackheads no longer appeared. I used dozens of chemicals in high school to keep acne under control.
Industry skincare is an industry worth tens of billions of dollars, the best and cheapest skin cleanser and one of the cheapest.
I asked a few friends and family members who now use the oil cleansing method and generally have the same results. Some of them have even noticed that the combination of daily cleansing with oil and daily intake of gelatin is the best way against skin aging that they have discovered.

Oil cleansing ingredients

Want to try a cleansing oil and see if it works? All you need is a few natural oils and a clean washcloth.
The most common oils used for cleansing are castor and olive, although you can use any other natural oils.
Castor oil is naturally astringent, so it helps remove impurities from the skin, making it ideal for oily and combination skin. Castor oil should never be used undiluted on the skin, and I add at least twice as much other oil compared to castor oil to get an adequate mixture. It is often mentioned that workers are exposed to a toxic compound during the harvest and production of this oil but are eliminated in processing. But many people avoid the use of castor oil because of this information. Almost castor oil is not toxic, but hazelnut oil is recommended for those who do not want to use it.
My favorite oil besides castor oil is olive, but I also use sunflower, saffron, and coconut oil. You can make your own oil combinations or order existing ones.

Instructions for making cleaning oils

You can find out for yourself which cleaning oil mixture suits you best. Personally, I use a mix that is: 3/4 olive oil and 1/4 castor or hazelnut oil. Other recommended oil combinations are oily skin: 1/3 castor or hazelnut oil 2/3 olive or other oil combination skin: 1/4 castor or hazelnut oil 3/4 olive sunflower or some other natural oil. Dry skin: all nourishing oils such as olive or a small castor or hazelnut oil added to natural nourishing oils.
To find the right blend for your skin, I recommend that you start with the blends listed above for your skin type, which you will adjust to your skin over time if necessary. When I started, I mixed tiny amounts (one tablespoon of castor oil with two tablespoons of olive oil, etc.) until I found the right mixture for my skin type. I also discovered that pure coconut oil could work great on all skin types. One friend uses half of the coconut and half of the olive oil she mixed in a blender to get the cream, and this combination is perfect for her.

How to clean the face using oil

In the shower in the bathroom, pour the oil mixture into your hand and massage it on your face and neck (the skin must be moist). Use light circular motions and let it be a light facial massage. Massage for at least one minute and preferably two or until you are sure that the oil has saturated your skin. This will very effectively remove makeup if you have it on your face, so it is unnecessary to remove it beforehand. You can even leave the oil on the skin for up to 10 minutes to ensure that the oil cleans the pores well. Place a clean cloth under hot water or shower water until it is completely wet and quickly removed. Could you open it and put it over your face? This will create steam over the face to remove oil and any impurities. Leave the cloth on your face for about a minute or until it cools. If necessary, do it with the other side of the cloth and gently remove the rest of the oil. A thin layer of oil will remain on the skin, which is beneficial for the skin. You usually do not need a moisturizer after the adjustment period, but if you still have dry skin, reduce the amount of astringent oil and hydrate the skin with a little organic lotion.

Note on the oil cleaning method

It is normal for adjusting the skin to oil cleansing to take at least a week, and it can worsen during this period because the impurities leave the skin. Do not use aggressive chemical soaps to clean the skin. Experiment until you find your ideal combination.


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