A Chinese plant destroys cancer in 40 days

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A little-known plant with a strange name has recently filled the front pages of many well-known medical journals as a newly discovered cancer killer, with a single ingredient that destroys the tumor in a short time. This plant is traditionally called lei gong teng, has been present in traditional Chinese medicine for many years, and has been used successfully to treat arthritis.

This plant grows in the mountains of China and Taiwan. It has beautiful flowers and bears small fruits. It would help if you were extremely careful with this plant because certain plant parts are extremely toxic and poisonous. Its processing and extraction should be handled exclusively by experts in this field. The only part of the plant that is not poisonous is the core of the root from which the extract used for treatment is obtained.

In some research initiated by experts and researchers in alternative medicine to find new drugs for some severe diseases, including cancer, researchers found that lei gong teng the plant destroys cancer cells in a minimal amount of time.

Xue-Lian Tao is one of the researchers who tested this compound on 2000 patients in 1990 and found that this plant successfully cures arthritis. He continued his research at the University of Texas and, with a team of scientists, managed to extract this plant named Texas Ethyl Acetate. They licensed this extract and started using it to treat arthritis with very successful results.

When using this plant, doses of 60 mg per day are recommended, although some experts claim that the optimal dose is 1 mg per kilogram of body weight.
According to the latest research from the University of Minnesota for cancerous diseases, lei gong teng erased all signs of cancer patients with 40 days of use. Even long-term researchers working on many other projects were amazed by the speed with which this plant destroys cancer. In itself, a substance called triptolide is registered as a substance that destroys cancer.

You should also note that although this plant has been shown to have a very devastating effect on cancer cells and a very effective action on some other diseases, pharmaceutical companies are not doing any research to develop a drug that would be accessible to all patients.

The pharmaceutical industry relies on costly drugs obtained chemically, although they have much cheaper options and more effective solutions, such as with the lei gong teng plant. For some reason, large companies reduce product selection to very expensive and less effective.



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