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10 simple tips for cleaning the apartment

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We at Eistra know that a big cleaning of your apartment is never anyone’s favorite task. We always put it off as long as we can to avoid the stress of cleaning. In that way, our apartment becomes messier and messier until we know where to start.

But a big apartment cleaning doesn’t have to be a nightmare. And it doesn’t have to take you all weekend. In that sense, we created this guide for cleaning the apartment. Use this list of ten tips to relax in the next apartment cleaning. With our help, you will get a brilliantly clean apartment instantly.

Get organized to clean the apartment first

The most common thing that prevents many people from cleaning their apartments is that they do not know where to start. Well, let us make this easier for you – fix the mess first. Start with things that have a place somewhere in the apartment, but crowds have formed on the floors and work surfaces throughout the apartment.

If you first clean up the mess in the apartment and put things where they belong, you will immediately feel more comfortable as if you have already taken an important step in cleaning the apartment, organized bliss. The first removal of clutter in the apartment also facilitates deep cleaning and vacuuming because you will not have piles of things and other objects on the road.

Clean up accumulated food in the kitchen

kitchen apartment cleaning

Once you’ve emptied everything else, it’s time to move on to your kitchen. The dishes stacked in the sink with abundant food stains are still where they were? Now it’s time to scrub. Fill the dishwasher, remove all dishes and leave the sink and work surface clean. When you return to cleaning the kitchen and spraying the work surface later, you won’t have a bunch of plates and bowls on the way.

Great jobs like washing dishes leave for last. But you will feel much better if you remove the dishes from the road before moving on to the next phase.

Send out the trash

It’s time to take the garbage bag. Inspect the house and empty all the trash cans, and at the same time pick up any trash that could have ended up on the floor. Even if some of your buckets aren’t full to the brim, empty them.

Don’t forget to leave the garbage bag somewhere in the apartment, accessible for cleaning the apartment. While cleaning, you will collect paper towels and other garbage that can go straight into the bag before you tie it up and put it outside.

Open the washing machine

washing machine

This step is the last part of our scanning and unloading phase before moving on to the real phase of germ control by spraying and wiping. Nobody likes to do laundry, but you could finish it while you are in the cleaning mode.

Gather all the laundry in your apartment, including the shirt you wore four times and insist that there are no stains and that it is clean, and throw it in the washing machine. This is a great time to start washing in the middle of cleaning because you can switch to other activities while your laundry is being washed.

Apartment cleaner

Are you ready to get serious? Now is the time to move on to phase II. We crossed every inch of the house, cleaned the garbage, washed the laundry, and scrubbed the dishes to perfection. Now it’s time to introduce you to the cleaning lady’s best friend.

Universal cleaner! That’s a nice thing. There are several brands available and even some completely natural options for apartment cleaning (or do-it-yourself options), but what you really want is a spray cleaner that is not specific to any room. You want something you can use in the bathroom, on the floor, on work surfaces, on the stove, and literally, anywhere you want to wipe something. Cleaning apartments with a universal detergent will save you time and money by changing several types of detergents.

Certain tasks will require a dedicated cleaner, such as cleaning the toilet. But a universal cleaner can be worn everywhere and used everywhere.

Clean the kitchen and bathrooms first

We recommend that you start cleaning the apartment with a bathroom. Why? It is the least pleasant part of the apartment for cleaning, and it will be perfect if you do it first. Keeping in mind this approach to cleaning the apartment, we also recommend that you start with the least pleasant part of the bathroom – the toilet. First, clean the toilet, switch to the floor, shower/bathtub, and finally attack the work surface and mirrors.

This is generally a good cleaning strategy – start with the least pleasant parts of the task, and then get over it easier. This way, we get rid of stress while cleaning the best.

After the bathroom, head to the kitchen. Wipe work surfaces, clean the sink, and clean all the sticky grease stains from your last cooking adventure.

Let’s dust the apartment

dust cleaning

It’s time to make some dust. You can use paper towels, clothes, or my personal favorite tool from childhood – a sock over your arm. Don’t forget to clean above the door, the tops of the bases, over the cabinets, and between the blinds. It is not necessary to use dusting spray for this part. A good handkerchief and cloth complete the work. Although months have passed since the last cleaning, a little enthusiasm would not be out of the question.


You see, cleaning the apartment doesn’t have to be boring and hard at all. You dust the apartment, or more precisely, clean the dust before vacuuming because a lot of that swept dust can end up on the floor. Then comes the vacuum cleaner. Your vacuum cleaner can be your best friend, especially if it has certain extensions like the end of the brush. Such an extension can help you collect dust, enter narrow spaces and vacuum those little corners. Remember to make sure the vacuum bag is empty. If it’s full, you’ll move dust and other objects – not vacuuming them.

Bring the fun into cleaning

We know, we know. This sounds like something your mom would tell you as a child to trick you into doing something you don’t want to do. But cleaning an apartment can really be a pleasant experience. Play some music while cleaning the apartment. Throw Netflix on your laptop and take it with you while cleaning different rooms. Music can make your cleaning day less painful; you need to be a little creative.

Another way to motivate yourself is to promise yourself a reward after you finish, whether it’s a meal from your favorite restaurant or an hour to cool off and do nothing, give yourself a break.

If you mind cleaning the apartment

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