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    All-natural products with the highest quality essential oils, tinctures, vitamins and minerals, medicinal mushrooms, enzymes and special purpose supplement brands.

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    Individual development of supplementation program, dosage, phytotherapist’s advice when using oils, tinctures and teas

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    By changing your habits, proper diet, controlled intake of protein, carbohydrates and fats, we guarantee you the best results.

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    With the help of a quality diet, recommended exercises and supplementation, we increase your weight and energy level.

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    Diet for the sick, regulated diets, improvement of micronutrient and macronutrient elements, blood count, energy. We work with your doctor.

  • Analysis and tips

    Assessment of the health condition of the organism, consultations, counseling and recommendations

nutrition services

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What our clients can say about us

I love reading articles from the eistria site. I have been a faithful companion from the very beginning. They helped me with menopausal problems, to prepare in time and avoid complications. With preparations for hormone regulation and proper nutrition, my body functions perfectly. I recommend Eistra to everyone and look forward to seeing you again.

I could not find the teas that were recommended to me on Eistria and tea blends from several very famous herbs. With one tea mixture, balms and proper nutrition, I solved the problem of inflamed bile, which I was told I needed to operate on. My job is full of stress but with the help of a friend from Eistria I reduced it to a minimum.

I want to thank the eistria team. Their contacts in the world of medicine and natural medicine are excellent. They helped me solve the problem with the failed plastic nose surgery. With the help of eistria, I performed the operation with an excellent doctor and corrected the shortcomings that the previous one had made.

She also had changes in the cervix with HPV. In addition, my immune system was in a desperate state, nervousness, problems in college. The Eistira team helped me get rid of the HPV virus completely painlessly, for which I am immensely grateful.

Eistria Source of health

Eistria health source has existed since 2014. We are a global supplier of dietary supplements, teas, oils, vitamins and minerals.

Eistria’s team of nutritionists, phytotherapists, writers and homeopaths offers you the most diverse diet combined with the necessary supplements and medicinal herbs in order to improve the general health of you and your loved ones.

Browse our latest articles and find the information you are interested in or contact our customer support or nutritionist directly if you need expert advice.

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