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Natural medicine uses the healing powers of plants to help people get rid of diseases and symptoms. Nature with its healing elements such as the sun, water, air and earth gives us life energy and health. Na & scaron; The blog deals with publishing articles on diseases, natural remedies, diets, use of preparations and various natural treatments. On these pages you can find information and articles from many renowned experts in the field of medicine, alternative medicine, functional medicine and homeopathy. We also inform the users of our site about classic, conventional methods of treatment.


Diet for cancer treatment – Food for cancer patients

There are many healthy foods that contain high levels of vitamin K. Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting, however too high doses of vitamin...

Ketogenic diet to destroy cancer

A ketogenic diet starves cancer cells The ketogenic diet consists of a low carbohydrate intake, a low protein intake and a high intake of healthy...



Ideal weight calculator BMI and BMR

Check how much your real body weight is whether you are lean, normal body weight or overweight. Calculate your BMI and BMR. In addition, read the article about what is fat in the body and what is the optimal relationship between fat and muscle mass.