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Our team of nutritionists and physiotherapists will help you overcome your health problems in the fastest way at any time. 10 years of experience is behind our work. Why bother reading things that may not be true at all. Contact our on-duty nutritionist and explain your problem to him. We will find a solution for you very soon.

Eistria writes and researches for you

The largest database of health, health problems, nutritional protocols, and natural healing. Find a topic that interests you. If you are our follower, you can find various diets, use certain vitamins, minerals, and various herbal preparations and what they are for. We also look back as much as we can to explain how we work, but the articles cannot convey our experience to you. So you better let us know!

Medical tourism for you

Consulting and organization of treatment abroad. Cuba, Germany, Turkey, USA, Canada. If you cannot achieve some treatment methods in your country. We offer you a solution in one of these countries and including the Balkans countries, where there are many renowned experts in medicine. What we don’t know, we leave to the experts, so feel free to contact us with a problem that is not unsolvable.

Questions and answers

Contact us by phone or via the contact form. We will be happy to explain all the details of the anti HPV program and treatment. The program is not exhausting and can last from case to case, but it is important to follow all the guidelines given to you by our nutritionist.

Our teas have a special healing property because they were picked and made by experienced herbalists. These herbalists learned the herbal craft by passing it on from generation to generation. For that reason, our tea blends are specific because they contain some ingredients that many do not even know about. Nature heals slowly but in the long run.

Our nutritionists can help you with almost all problems with lack of energy and some chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. We can help you keep your immune system and blood count in optimal condition with supplementation and diet. We can help you eliminate some of the symptoms present in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

We offer people a better quality of life with a combination of Eastern techniques, natural medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, and many years of experience.

Our approach is unique because we combine different treatment techniques from different cultures, and for none of our clients, the treatment is the same. We examine you. Based on the answers, we form your personal nutrition plan, including methods of cleansing and detoxification of individual organs or the whole organism, various teas and herbal mixtures, balms, mineral and vitamin products, diet, and special diets, recommendations, and tips.

Maybe we can do a complete nutrition program for you, provide the preparations you need to use, inspect your environment, and remove its shortcomings. We also make special nutrition programs for people under stress to relax the body and regulate stress and hormonal balance. With completely natural preparations and recommendations related to your lifestyle, we will create the optimal atmosphere for your daily functioning.

Eistria teas and balms from our famous phytotherapists

We offer various types of teas, various balms, and more. It is essential where the teas were harvested and who harvested them .:

  • Zokin tea for immunity
  • Zoka’s kidney tea
  • Zokin bile tea
  • Zokin balm for open wounds and gangrene
  • Natural syrup for the lungs
  • Trajan’s bile balm
  • Robert Reishi Mushroom Body Cream
  • Robert’s juice from reishi mushrooms for immunity
  • Cold squeezed wild pomegranate juice
  • And many other products, balms, and teas.
stop HPV virus

Nutrition program for HPV VIRUS and the immune system

If you have a problem with the HPV virus. What we offer in our program to regulate immunity and HPV:

  • Analysis of the causes of the occurrence and maintenance of HPV in the body
  • Creating an individual diet program
  • Creating a nutritional supplementation program
  • Body detoxification program
  • Nutritional hormone regulation program
  • Immune system program
  • Consultations

About Us

Eistria has helped people with various diseases through counseling and nutrition for 7 years.

We pay maximum attention to our clients.

In this way, we achieve great results. Quality of service is what sets us apart from others.

Our approach is individual, so there is no standard treatment program.

Each individual received the maximum commitment of our nutritionists and the best products.

  • We work with love

    We do our job primarily because we like to help people.

  • Mutual satisfaction

    Our approach is professional. We plan long-term programs that we present to you in segments.

  • Top products

    The products we sell or recommend to you are of top quality with optimal prices.

  • Other services

    We provide home cleaning services with professional environmental equipment.

Cleansing your body

Eistria takes care of her clients. As we age, large amounts of harmful substances accumulate in our body in our intestines, bones, gallbladder, liver, and other parts of the body and organs. Due to these toxic substances, our body and immune system cannot function normally. Then there are various autoimmune disorders and chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, or even cancer.

For the organism to function normally and for any program to start, it is necessary to do specific cleansing. These cleanse can be a detox of special organs or a cleansing of the whole organism. We have developed with our experience various specific methods by which you can get rid of toxins, parasites, heavy metals from your body. Contact us, and we will find the right solution for you.

Cleaning your space

We cleanse the body of various disorders, diseases, and toxins and clean your objects in a completely natural way, with biological agents and natural compounds. This type of cleaning is especially suitable for people who have allergies, small children, people who have a chronic disease, pregnant women, etc. With the help of ecological cleaning, we free your space from negative energy first, and besides, we prevent the entry of toxins into your home. We also train you on cleaning your household healthily and correctly.

Professional cleaning with eco preparations does not differ in price from the standard one, bringing many bad compounds into your home. Let us know we are here to help.

Regulation of your body weight

This program guarantees you a real metabolic change. By combining exercise, a restructured diet, and supplements, you will lose weight quickly, but in a methodical way. The program includes a controlled, Ayurvedic, and vegetarian diet, combined with massages, herbal powders, and enriched with natural oils and teas. Steam baths stimulate the blood circulation system and prevent future fat deposits. A personalized weight loss program, along with relaxation systems and regular cooking and eating classes, guarantees you a slimmer and healthier look. Nutrition lessons are a key component that helps you lose weight successfully.

News from the world of natural health

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What others say about us

I love reading articles from eistria. I have been a faithful companion from the very beginning. They helped me with menopausal problems, prepare in time, and avoid complications. With preparations for hormone regulation and proper nutrition, my body functions perfectly. I recommend Eistra to everyone and look forward to seeing you again.

The teas they recommended to me on Eistria and tea blends from several very famous herbs I could not find anywhere. With one tea mixture, balms, and proper nutrition, I solved the inflamed bile problem, which I was told I needed to operate on. My job is full of stress, but I reduced it to a minimum with the help of a friends from Eistria.

I want to thank the eistria team. Their contacts in the world of medicine and natural medicine are excellent. They helped me solve the problem with failed plastic nose surgery. With the help of eistria, I operated with an excellent doctor and corrected the shortcomings that the previous one had made.

I had changes in the cervix with HPV. Besides, my immune system was in a desperate state, nervousness, problems in college. The Eistira team helped me get rid of the HPV virus completely painlessly, for which I am immensely grateful.